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Biophilic Lighting's Role in Biomimicry

We Love Nature -

A hike through the woods, a round of golf, or a walk on the beach—all of these provide connections to nature that intuitively we know people enjoy, seek and value. If you have ever worked or lived in a windowless room, chances are that at some point you experienced a strong desire to go for a walk, or to go outside to get some fresh air. Workers in windowless spaces often will put up nature-themed calendars, and bring in some plants to liven up the space. Those fortunate enough to have windows might keep the blinds open, especially if the view is nice, and let in some natural light. In modern architecture the advent of steel construction and advances in the production of large glass panels enabled architects to open up the perimeter of buildings, thereby allowing us to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, and 'bring' nature inside.EndFragment

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